Innovation Competition a Success!


Yesterday, May 21, was the first ever Innovation Competition, a showcase of projects designed and completed by teams participating in the new Young Innovators program. The event was held at the Elliott University Center at UNC-Greensboro. Six teams participated in the event and brought some incredibly innovative ideas to the table. One team designed a device that fits in the bottom of a shoe and charges a cell phone with each step. Another used food waste products like banana peels to filter out heavy metals from drinking water. Each idea demonstrated the creativity and enthusiasm that surfaces when you ask a bunch of middle schoolers how to save the world! Pictures from the event can be found at

Young Innovators began in the fall of 2015 with four schools that started eight total Innovation Teams with an average of 11 middle school girls and boys. The program will kick off again in September of 2016 with the same teams participating again, as well as several new schools that have expressed their interest in joining the program. If you are interested in getting your middle school involved for the 2016-2017 school year, contact Colin Lemon at or (336) 378-9166.

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