New Cub Scouts Receive Free Robot This Fall!

It’s hard to believe but summer camp programs will be wrapping up in the Old North State Council within the next couple of weeks and we will all turn our attention to the busiest time of the Scouting year…new Cub Scout recruitment! It will be the most important part of our year because we recruit around 1,200 new Scouts in the fall months each year! That’s a lot of young boys that we will impact with the program.

To help get the kids even more excited about joining Cub Scouts, the Old North State Council is offering an AWESOME new STEM incentive! Every new Cub Scout that joins during the month of September will receive a free Bristlebot!,h_216,al_c,usm_0.66_1.00_0.01/645b63_f4c1ca42712febe0a10f509fd07a5a1e.png

Bristlebots are an exciting and simple activity for Scouts that are an absolute blast! They resemble toothbrush heads and have a vibrating motor attached with a battery. When the wires are connected, the Bristlebot vibrates across the floor or table. They are simple to build and the Scouts have a great time racing them, crashing them into each other, or customizing them to change their movement and look. You can even build arenas or mazes out of cardboard and see whose Bristlebot wins!

The Scouts at Dad and Lad in 2015 had a great time with Bristlebots! Check out the video here: Bristlebots at Dad and Lad

To have even more fun, check out this website that has different games and competitions using Bristlebots!

Bristlebot Competitions

If your pack would like to purchase additional Bristlebots so the entire pack can join in the fun, you can submit the order form found here: Bristlebots Order Form to the Old North State Council office at the address on the bottom of the form along with payment. Bristlebots cost $4.15 each. The form must be submitted by August 12th!


4 thoughts on “New Cub Scouts Receive Free Robot This Fall!

  1. Dianne

    So how will the new scout’s get the robot? Will they have to go to the OldNS council office to pick it up? Will it be mailed to their house?


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