STEM Training for Adults

Each year, the Old North State Council offers training for our adult leaders to get familiarized with the STEM initiative of the Boy Scouts of America and to prepare them to lead STEM activities and the Nova awards in their own unit. Typically we have offered the program twice a year and have trained a little under 200 adults so far. The next scheduled Unit STEM Coordinator Training is December 10, 2016 at the STEM Merit Badge College. There have been a few recently who have inquired about taking that training sooner.

If you are interested in participating in the next Unit STEM Coordinator Training and would like to see it offered sooner than December 10, please comment here or email and let us know of your interest. If we have enough interest, we’ll schedule a training in late September or October. The training takes about two hours and includes dinner, all handouts and materials used, and a position patch. Price has been $10 in the past but will be confirmed when the date is announced.

Position Patch

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