STEM Merit Badge Opportunities Quickly Filling Up!


Good evening!

Every year, we wonder when the STEM Merit Badge College might slow down a bit but it certainly isn’t going to happen in 2016! Registration opened last Wednesday and we already have over 300 Scouts confirmed! At this rate, the event will be full very soon. The Early Bird price of $14 has one more week to go (until midnight on November 4th) before the full price of $18 kicks in. If you have already registered your Scouts, please don’t wait any longer! Already many of the merit badge classes have filled up so the longer you wait, the less likely it is that you will get your Scouts in at all! To register, click here: STEM Merit Badge College. The STEM Merit Badge College is open to all Boy Scouts, in and out of the Old North State Council!

We also have our 21st Century Scout Merit Badge Series that is kicking off with the Sustainability merit badge on November 12th. This is an awesome opportunity to work towards an Eagle Scout required merit badge that is an alternate to the Environmental Science merit badge. Scouts will get to tour the Proximity Hotel which was the first LEED-Platinum certified hotel in the country. By earning and maintaining that certification, the hotel is an example of sustainable practices and is quite impressive to see. This class is almost entirely full so please register quickly! To register, click here: Sustainability Merit Badge. This program is available for all Boy Scouts, in and out of the Old North State Council!

This is just the beginning of the 21st Century Scout Merit Badge Series. The next merit badge that will be offered in this series will be the Robotics merit badge on January 7th. More details and registration information will be announced in the coming weeks so keep an eye out.

We’re as busy as we ever have been with STEM and we look forward to seeing you at our events! As always, contact Colin Lemon at for any questions or concerns about STEM programs in Scouting!

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