An Exciting Day at the STEM Merit Badge College!

What a fantastic time at the STEM Merit Badge College yesterday! We had Scouts absolutely engrossed in building robots, suturing, growing plants, designing video games, soldering circuit boards, flying planes, and everything else WE all wish WE had been doing when we were younger…or even now! Take a look at some pictures from the event!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Once again, we had top-notch instructors delivering a high quality experience to nearly 350 Scouts. Events like this would not be possible without the efforts of some amazing people. First of all, our merit badge counselors and their assistants. With a faculty made up professors, graduate students, and professionals, the quality of our program is second to no other merit badge college! Our year-round STEM Committee is made up of Scouters and STEM professionals alike who work tirelessly to make sure STEM has a major presence in everything we do in Scouting. Finally, the Carter Family has provided not only financial support for STEM programs but also a relentless and never-ending enthusiasm for our STEM efforts. Without their energy, we would not have such a strong STEM program. To all of us who benefit from the STEM program, THANK YOU!

We have a lot more STEM in the coming months so check our Calendar for more events. Next up is the Robotics merit badge class on January 7th (filled up in three minutes!) and Unit STEM Coordinator Training on January 7th at the Old North State Council Training Summit. Thanks to everyone who participates in our STEM programs throughout the year!

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