Cub Scout STEM Quest Registration Opens Tonight!

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Registration for Cub Scout STEM Quest opens tonight at 8:00 so make sure you’re ready to register your Scouts!

This year, Cub Scout STEM Quest will be operating similar to a Boy Scout merit badge college so the Cub Scouts will get the opportunity to work on Adventures (and get a head start on their next rank) or they can work on a Nova Award. If they choose to work on an Adventure, they can register for up to two Adventures to work on because each one takes an hour and a half. If they choose a Nova Award, they will only get to participate in one since they take the full three hours. Please make sure you pay close attention to the time for each class so you don’t double book a Scout into two classes at the same time.

The classes that will be offered are:

Nova Awards

  • Science Everywhere
  • Down and Dirty
  • Nova WILD!
  • Out of This World
  • Swing!
  • 1-2-3 Go!


  • Wolf Cub
    • Code of the Wolf
    • Air of the Wolf
    • Motor Away
  • Bear Cub
    • Make It Move
    • Robotics
    • Super Science
  • Webelos/Arrow of Light
    • Game Design
    • Engineer

When registering for Adventures, Scouts should participate in Adventures for the den they will be in this fall as long as they have finished their current rank badge. For example, a Scout graduating from the 2nd grade this June should register at Cub Scout STEM Quest as a Bear if taking Adventures. Any Wolf, Bear, Webelos, or Arrow of Light Scout can participate in any Nova Award. Upcoming Tigers (and any other boy who is not currently registered in Scouting) can participate in our Bobcat station where they will have the opportunity to register in Scouting and complete requirements for their Bobcat badge.

Because of some very generous STEM sponsors over the years, Cub Scout STEM Quest continues to require no registration fee to participate!

There will be a drawing between classes at 10:15 for a free week of day camp!

Registration is completed by clicking on Cub Scout STEM Quest and securing tickets for the classes your Scouts want to take. Once again, please pay attention to the time of the classes so you don’t register classes that conflict with each other. It is recommended that you go ahead and review the registration page so you are prepared for 8:00 tonight!

Cub Scout STEM Quest has been an awesome time for the past two years so we are looking forward to an amazing experience for the third year! We look forward to seeing you there!

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