How Much Does Young Innovators Cost?

The annual fee for a youth or adult to join Young Innovators is $24. This covers registration as a member of the Exploring division of the Boy Scouts of America and also covers accident and sickness insurance with incidents related to the program.

The annual fee to register a team is $40. This covers liability insurance for the sponsoring organization, its officers, and the registered adult leaders.

To pay for the project materials, each Innovation Team prepares and submits a grant application for a maximum of $300. An objective of Young Innovators is for participants to experience and understand what it is like to be a scientist. To that end, participants should understand that scientists spend a fair amount of time writing grants and finding different avenues to fund their research.  The funds for these grants is provided as part of the Carter Family S.T.E.M. Initiative, a gift made possible by David and Melissa Carter.